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Submit your naked selfies, badass tattoos, and other hardcore shit you think belongs here! Ask me shit too!

To all my lovelies, 

You may not realize it, but I have stayed hard at work.

I have revamped “the ask page”, and “the submit page” on both blogs.

The playlist on both blogs is up to 87 songs now. (Over 6 hours of music for you to rock out to!)

I am working on an “About Me/Bio” page for my personal blog. I’ve been working hard on it for a while now. It isn’t to my level of perfection, to put up yet, however. 

Also, I am working on a new co-run blog that will be appearing soon, once it gets up to my required level of perfectionism. 





all my boxers are covered in roosters so yo girl knows what she’s gettin before she’s gettin it

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guys, just a little random advice.

if you’re seriously considering getting a tattoo for the first time, please go look at bad tattoo blogs first and seriously read what’s being said about things like line art and shading (and ignore the sass and mean comments because those aren’t important). Look…